Milestone Civil Australia provide a professional demolition service to the Residential, Commercial and Industrial sectors.


With an unrestricted demolition license there is no project too small or too large to complete. Milestones Civil’s team of project managers, engineers and supervisors coupled with the specialised plant, machinery and attachments in our fleet ensure the project is delivered with the highest levels of quality and safety.  

As a Licensed Asbestos removal Contractor, Milestone Civil Australia ensure your demolition is in capable hands from initial site inspection to the clearance certificate.

Unrestricted Demolition License

  • Commercial Demolition

  • Industrial Demolition

  • Residential Demolition

  • High rise buildings

  • Heritage buildings

  • Shopping Centres

  • Hospitals

  • Education/University Buildings

  • Commercial, Residential and Aged care facilities

  • Oil refineries

  • Power stations

Milestone Australia is dedicated to Resource Recovery, Recycling and diverting waste from landfill. Materials such as timber, concrete, brick, metal and tiles. These recovered materials are then directed for reprocessing, recycling, resale or reuse where commercially viable.

View the video to the left to see an example of the key partnership Milestone pursues to help reduce landfill and build a better Sydney for tomorrow

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