Milestone Civil Australia - The Beginning Part Three


The Beginning - Part Three

Hinkler Ave, Caringbah. Basement Package

Hinkler Ave, Caringbah. Basement Package

With everyday we move forward and grow, there is another entry into the history books for Milestone Civil Australia.

We have decided to share our Story through an Article that publish some time ago. We will be sharing it over 3 parts for an easier read and to include more photography.

If you missed part one you can find it here

Paul describes their excavators in more detail; “Our small machines would be from one-and-a-half ton, all the way through to five-to-eight tons. From there our bigger machines go from 15-ton all the way through to 50-ton. We try to stick with one brand and our preferred brand is Volvo because they really help us out.”


From humble beginnings as a small clean-up crew, Milestone Civil Australia now take care of so much more. “We offer a full turnkey service,” says Josh, “from demolition all the way through to a completed, handed-over basement, which includes demolition site clearing, retention systems, being piling, anchoring, shotcrete, and bulk and detailed earthworks, to the point where we can do hydraulic excavation and installation as well.

We have a demolition-only division where we specialise in contaminated materials such as bonded and friable asbestos, and then our other department is our site remediation services.


“We’re trying to become a quality, reliable, professional company and are always looking at more things we could improve on. We realise how important it is to have good referrals and a good reputation. In the end the service that we provide our clients is what really matters. The other thing is our brand; we invest a lot in our brand both visually and in the culture which goes with our brand.”

The End

original article by Jake D. Frost

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