Milestone Civil Australia - The Beginning Part one


The Beginning - Part one


With everyday we move forward and grow, there is another entry into the history books for Milestone Civil Australia.

We have decided to share our Story through an Article that publish some time ago. We will be sharing it over 3 parts for an easier read and to include more photography.

Paul Shenouda started Milestone Civil in 2012 after serving for five years as a paratrooper. Even though Paul had some previous experience in civil works, he began the business as something a little different.

paul army.jpg

“After I left the Australian Army, I couldn’t find a job,” the ambitious 29 year old laments, frustration at the lack of support for military veterans. “

I started doing a construction degree part-time and ended up getting into Demolition Works. I had three and was running demolition strip-outs for construction companies. I had 15 labourers working with me. I didn’t know too much about it, but I always had it in my heart to work for myself because no-one gave me an opportunity. And whatever I did I just wanted to push and become the best at it.”


From there Paul’s business grew in a new direction rather organically. “My friend got me onto a Downer site, doing a bit of roadworks,” he continues. “He asked me if I did any excavation work. I said yeah, I do excavation work, but I didn’t really have a machine. I didn’t even know how to operate the right machinery. So I went and bought a brand new five-ton Yanmar. I hired top-notch operators from recruiters that could teach me the trade. From there I got asked for more machines. I paid my staff good money so experienced people could help me get the jobs done, and whilst doing it they showed me, so I was still learning along the way.”

End of Part One -

Watch out for Part Two next week

original article by Jake D. Frost

Benjamin Wolfgang