The biggest secrets every builder should know before commencing early works.


This list is no huge secret our industry has been holding on to…

Thou these are some subjects that pop up almost every other meeting when we engage a builder/developer to complete their Demolition, Asbestos removal, earthworks etc.


Asbestos in Soils

This has to be one of the biggest variations that impacts builders within the first weeks of their project, from a cost and time perspective.

Going with the cheapest demolition price sounds smart until they scatter asbestos all through out your job and track it in with their machines, then say “we can take care of it for cash”.

Starting the project well means you will finish the project well. You need a team like Milestone Civil Australia that is fully licensed and insured, that understands the importance of correct asbestos removal so that there is no further contamination

We know that not all Asbestos in Soil is from a shonky demolition company, in some cases its under the slab from 40 years ago. So what now then? You need a contractor like Milestone Civil Australia that is certified and accredited to deal with the entire early works, from the demolition, asbestos removal, remediation and earth works.


Breaking up the early works package.

Similar to the above point, breaking up the early works can lead to a few headaches further down the line. In our experience with new repeat clients, they have mentioned the following benefits of working with Milestone Civil Australia as the principle Civil early works contractor.

a) One contractor on site: dealing with one Milestone Civil Project Manager and one onsite Engineer, our clients are freed up during the first weeks of the project not dealing with up to 8 trades on site before the slab is even poured.

b) More competitive pricing: Milestone Civil as the principle contractor we have the ability to the create a unique program methodology that is the most time and cost efficient for our client. With have the ability to make wise decisions that have ripple effects on other aspects of the early works, we minimise variations that are caused by not exercising due diligence.


Using preferred contractors on every project.

We understand that relationships may have been built over many years of working well together, but familiarity breeds contempt. There is a competitive edge that is lost over time.

Being a younger company and team we are more open to industry innovations in machinery, methods and materials. Our team have an edge and competitive spirit that drives us to become the best Civil company Australia.


The cheapest option in the worst option.

In some cases we would disagree with this statement, like when it comes to buying a new TV or filling up the car. In the case of early works (demolition, asbestos removal, excavation, piling, shoring…) the cheapest price is the worst option. Why? variations and exclusions.

Our clients have repeatably mentioned that our pricing is the most through and transparent they have ever seen. For example we recently completed a demolition for a new client that first received a price of $25,000.00 , we were shocked that it was so low as our price was $40k more. Our team of estimators worked every angle to try to understand where the difference was, they called the client and discovered that none of the other contractors allowed for the lead contamination which was 80% waste that was to be remediated. Lets do a sliding doors moment here, what could have happen if they went with the other contractors? There is the possibility that they would have been hit up for the variation, they wouldn’t received their clearance certificates and basically all of point #1. Stopping or halting their development for weeks on end.



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