The Beginning - Part Two


The Beginning - Part Two


With everyday that passes we move forward and grow. There is another entry in the history books for Milestone Civil Australia.

We have decided to share our story through an article that publish some time ago. We will be sharing our story of 3 parts for an easier read and to include more photos.

If you missed part one you can find it here

As the company began to develop Paul needed help managing the business. He turned to his long-time friend, Josh Doyle, who he met in early 2000 when they worked together for a specialised civil contractor. From there they became mates and stayed in touch.



“Paul established the company and it started to grow quite rapidly around demolition and then he moved into earthmoving,” Josh begins to outline his early involvement. “I was working as a project manager and had just finished a job doing a dig out. Business was really stating to kick off for him and we talked about how he could grow the company even more. I had worked for quite a few large, well-established companies in civil and construction, and from that I had obviously gained a lot of experience in regards to the commercial side of the business; business management, systems and procedures, procurement, compliance and a lot of those types of things.”

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Josh’s induction started out as just a bit of casual assisting. He was giving advice as a friend and helping with a few basic management issues that Paul had. But then the two mates saw potential in their professional relationship and so they worked out an agreement for Josh to buy into the company as a co-owner and director.


“I remember someone said to me that the opportunity of a lifetime may only last the time of that opportunity,” Josh recalls. “I remember it just hit me one day and I thought to myself that I’d regret it for the rest of my life if I didn’t jump on board. From there I took a risk and resigned from my secure job. It was a lot of hard work at the start; there was a lot of structure that needed to get in place for the company to grow.”



And grow it did! They went from cutting it back to only having six key staff, to now having over 50 dedicated employees on the payroll. And their plant equipment also continues to multiply at a rapid rate, having bought 17 new machines this year. “By the time this article comes out we’ll have 20 [excavators] in our fleet, and in March last year we only had one truck, and now we’ve got seven,” Josh gloats proudly.

End of Part Two -

look out next week for part 3

Benjamin Wolfgang