3 Business Tips for 2020


Preparing to Launch into 2020 with Milestone Civil.

A company name sometimes has nothing to do with what the company actually does like Mc Donalds, Nike, Apple etc. We believe that our Company name is the reminder that guides us to move forward. “Milestone” a stone to mark the distance traveled and/or the significant stage or event in a development. How far we have traveled and how much we have grown....Milestones. Finishing 2019 Strong to launch into 2020 - Below are some tips and thoughts to help you grow this coming year.

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Strategy 01 - Leadership

Leadership isn't always from the top down. It can be witnessed in many forms and from anyone within an organisation. Giving your team the room to lead is the key driver to seeing leadership bloom within the company. The benefits of allowing your team to lead and make decisions is always going to outweigh the negatives. Give it a go, release your people!


Strategy 02 - Culture

Internal and External relationships are governed by the individuals attitude and behavior which in turn is the companies Culture. We use a simple principle to keep ourselves in check and culture in check. It’s a common principle called Above and Below the line behaviors.


Strategy 03 - Systems

As each year goes on more and more technological advancements are available to businesses to improve their work flow and productivity. In turn the work force is increasingly getting younger and younger, and their aptitude for technology is a thirst that cannot be quench. Stop fighting it and embrace it.

Here are 3 systems we implemented this year that may revolutionise the way your company works

01. Pipedrive - An online sales tool that can keep track of your sales enquirers at each step of the process. High details reports, contacts list, emailing EOI and so many more features you need to look for yourself.

We have seen a 46% increase in lead retention (no-one falling through the gaps) and a productivity increase of 112% since implementing this tool. If you are still managing your leads on an excel spreadsheet or a word doc, you really need to consider this tool.

02. Tanda - This was a great investment this year for Milestone Civil, Tanda is an online tool and iPhone app that allows our team to clock in/out onsite each day, receive roster and allocation changes live and much more. As time theft is a major issue for many companies this tool allows more accountability across the whole company. It was a warm welcome from the majority of the team taking on Tanda and getting rid of paper time sheets.

03. Trello - Most business owners and managers are often caught in the trap on working in the business and have little time to work on the business. Start writing down your wish list of improvements and projects and also start delegating them out to your staff (remember Strategy one) - Trello is a great online tool that can manage your small day to day tasks. Super friendly and easy to use.

The over all theme to implementing the above systems is accountability, performance and time management. With these 3 systems and 3 objectives you can be sure to get the best out of your team and optimise your returns.


Hope these tips and ideas will get you thinking on your next improvement, whether it be at a worker, manager or business owner level.

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